IVF tech by country: historical growth

Some time ago, I made a plot of this that Steve Hsu ended up posting. However, here’s a newer one. The public datafile is here. Latest published report is here, which reports data for 2014. They publish a paper every year, or so, which report on ~5 year old data. I see no report for 2019 with the 2015 data, odd.


  • Patchy reporting for many countries.
  • Various complicated distinctions between treatment types: IVF (‘whole thing’) vs. ICSI (‘put sperm into egg’) vs. FER vs … . All inclusive term: Assisted reproductive technology (ART).
  • Their tables aren’t exactly the same format every year, so I have merged them by manually moving numbers around. I might have made a mistake somewhere.

A bit tricky to plot this at once. You can copy my code from the R notebook and try yourself!