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“1990, London School comes to Manhattan”

Eminent intelligence researcher Linda Gottfredson has this photo from some conference in her interesting slides from the 2011 Eysenck lecture (The Sociology of Biological Intelligence) (in fact, she has a very nice website full of materials).

(I don’t know which conference it is from. It is not ISIR because it was founded in 2000, also the year of the first conference. It could be ISSID, founded in 1983 but oldest conference listed on the website is 1993.)

I recognize most of these, but Twitter user Holtz did a better job:

Top row, left to right: Helmuth Nyborg, Linda Gottfredson, Ernst van den Haag, Roger Pearson, Robert Nichols, Michael Levin, J. Philippe Rushton, Chris Brand.

Bottom row: Sybil Eysenck, Hans J. Eysenck, Arthur R. Jensen, Richard Herrnstein, Richard Lynn, Marian Van Court.

The elite status of the group cannot easily be overstated. Of the 14 persons, 13 have Wikipedia pages. There was in fact a 15th person too, who went to the bathroom when they took the photo: Charles Murray.