Lots of published psychology studies don’t replicate well, in particular cute things like interactions, counter-intuitive or priming effects. In general, traditional behavioral genetics studies have replicated well. This is not surprising because basically the same method (ACE fitting) has been applied to lots of large datasets, and studies that use consistent methods on large datasets […]

Back in January, Steve Hsu did an interview with Daphne Martschenko who is a phd candidate at Cambridge in education. She’s basically doing science journalism on behavioral genetics as far as I can tell. Now there’s a new interview up. I have some comments to it because Steve was a little too nice. Bias from […]

We need dplyr for this: library(dplyr) First, use the anon user to log into the SQL server (user = “anon”, pass = “”, ip = “”, port = 3306): sql = src_mysql(“population_freqs”, host = “”, user = “anon”, port = 3306) Select the 1000 genomes phase 3 table: sql_1kg = tbl(sql, “1000genomes_phase3”) #look at the […]

Read Gwern’s review: www.goodreads.com/review/show/1433728829 Aside from that, it’s a lot of wasted opportunity. For instance, the income~IQ relationship. The discussion is extremely economisty. Not even mentioned that people vary a lot in their job preferences for job types which is linked to the wages of these jobs. This creates a lot of noise for the […]

So, I posted this: Abstract We used data from the PING study (n≈1200) to examine the relationship between cognitive ability, socioeconomic outcomes and genomic racial ancestry. We found that when genomic ancestry was not included in models, self-reported race/ethnicity (SIRE) was a useful predictor of cognitive ability/S, but when genomic ancestry was included, SIRE lost […]

Here’s a collection of previously unused datasets (by hereditarians) that are useful. Australia: 45 and Up. Huge, n=250k, medical dataset that has country of origin and many socioeconomic indicators. Costs a lot of money to obtain access. United States: Mean income from census Children of Immigrants Longitudinal Study (CILS) United Kingdom: Prison population by nationality […]

Comment on: Sariaslan, A. et al. (2016). Long-Term Outcomes Associated with Traumatic Brain Injury in Childhood and Adolescence: A Nationwide Swedish Cohort Study of a Wide Range of Medical and Social Outcomes Real abstract is too damn long, this is my TL;DR version: Sibling control study of TBI as a causal effect for various outcomes. […]

For those that don’t know, OSF — Open Science Framework — runs a pre-registration challenge where one can win 1000$. No small amount of cash for doing more research. But Emil, you already do pre-registered studies. Why don’t you submit these for this challenge? There is a list of eligible journals and I don’t like […]

The below is a conversation with a female friend I had. Or perhaps it was a conversation from Emil’s devious research methodology class. Who knows. :) [She wants to compare herself to other people for how many pushups she can do] Emil O. W. Where did you get this average from? Hard to sample women […]