The fewer SNPs (which may be AIMs or not) used to estimate individual-level ancestry, the higher the measurement error. Here I just dump some findings related to this topic. The results are somewhat divergent. The findings Ruiz-Linares cites are somewhat at odds with the others as far as I can tell. It is important to […]


Some of the talks from ISIR 2016 in Saint Petersburg are now online. In particular, I enjoyed Detterman’s talk, but of course I think he is too pessimistic about reproductive genetics. All the talks were recorded, but only the long ones with the most famous people are published so far, so you will have to […]

Following the publication of another gender pay gap article, I wondered: What kinds of gender gaps do people think are important to talk about? Googling stuff is a crude measure of just this. The results: “gender wage gap” 448,000 “gender pay gap” 462,000 “gender income gap”, 14,000 “gender wealth gap” 4,340 vs. “gender lifespan gap” […]

parties_supporters Analysis of the data collected so far, presented side by side with R code. It will be expanded into a proper paper and submitted to OQSPS soonish. Soonish here meaning when Noah gets around to do it! Due to the surprising results, we should probably do a follow-up replication using new subjects. These results […]

There seem to be ways to post knitr documents to WordPress blogs, but until that’s set up, I will be publishing them over at RPubs and posting a link here. The post begins like this: In a post published on his website, Gwern investigates the efficiency of embryo selection. It’s impressive work. In a later […]

Suppose you have some function that returns possibly nested lists with empty lists inside. Worse, they may have lists with lists with an empty list inside. And suppose you want to get rid of all the empty lists, including those that just have other lists with empty lists inside. Like this: a = [1, [2, […]

Today I was trying to install the MBESS package. One of its dependencies is the gsl package. However, trying to install that package gave the following error: cp: cannot stat ‘*.gcno’: No such file or directory Makevars:45: recipe for target ‘save-gcno’ failed make: [save-gcno] Error 1 (ignored) Googling it gave 0 results, which is a […]