How to find free books on the internet

Gwern has a tutorial like this, which you can find here. This is just a redundant guide so more will see it.

So you want some ebook and you don’t want to pay $$$? There are some options, in order of what to try first.

  1. Library Genesis (LibGen)
  2. Internet Archive
  3. Google it

Library Genesis (LibGen)

I already have a guide how to use this site in detail here. TL;DR, go to the URL that works for you e.g., or They change them once in a while due to legal attacks.

Internet Archive

It has a terrible search engine here, so it is generally better to use Google’s advanced search, like this: history pioneer fund lynn

Which gives:

The first result is the book of interest. Sometimes, they are protected, and you have to burrow them:

Use the jailbreak steps in Gwern’s guide.

Google it

If the above fails, you can sometimes get lucky that Google can find you a copy. Most of the time, you will be disappointed and get various book reviews and scam attempts. It’s the same approach as above, except search for filetype:

filetype:pdf OR filetype:epub history pioneer fund lynn

This gave me:

These are all book reviews or related works, which may be of interest, but weren’t the book we were looking for.