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In Sweden, talking about race and intelligence will get you a fine

I have somehow not heard of this case, but there’s an ongoing case in Sweden where a 80-ish year old man, Bertil Malmberg, talked about the intelligence of nations, specifically mentioning that South Sudan’s recorded mean intelligence is one of the lowest in the world (Mankind Quarterly has no less than 15 recent studies from Sudan). In his words (Google translated from Swedish):

It is relevant that the population there is among the peoples with the lowest intelligence in the entire world, which is well documented in research. According to the UN, the country has a very low HDI (Human Development Index), low level of education and widespread illiteracy.

The context is that he was summarizing recent immigration issues in Sweden. As pattern recognizers know, integration of Africans is going just about as well in Sweden as everywhere everywhere else, maybe slightly weller. As has been demonstrated by a very detailed Dutch report, this has a lot to do with low intelligence among immigrants.

So far, he has been found guilty of an “incitement against ethnic group” (“hets mot folkgrupp”) which is Sweden’s hate speech law, i.e. law that protects groups left-wingers like against negative comments. The punishment is a suspended sentence (length unclear) and “40 daily fines of SEK 600”. This comes out to 24,000 SEK, about 2,200 EUR, so it is not too bad insofar as government persecution goes. He has been found guilty in the district court, and now also the appeals court (Hovrätten). After this, he was even excluded by his own party in some lame PR operation (ostensibly for not wanting to shut up for a while). However, the case is seemingly to be heard at the Swedish supreme court (Högsta domstolen). Actually, it’s the chief prosecutor who also wants to take it up there, so the verdict can be generalized and easily applied in many cases. Actually, they seem to think it will go to the final final appeal, namely the European court of human rights. Malmberg himself thinks he will prevail because the higher courts are more sensitive to free speech issues.

I know you are wondering. The chief prosecutor is this woman, My Hedström:

Some people asked, and I don’t see any connections to Soros or any other Jews involved. This is a “made in Sweden” problem. American readers have a tendency to project Jewish Woke activism from their country to others, not recognizing that Scandinavians are perfectly capable of doing these things to themselves.

They tried in Denmark too, but it failed

Prior leader of the Danish Nazi party (yes, the actual one) Daniel Carlsen, also got into court for talking about Africans’ intelligence. However, he was found not guilty in both the district court (Byretten) and the appeals court (Landsretten). There was no appeal to the final court (Højesteret) as far as I can tell. This was back in 2013, here’s the Google translated version of the last article I found about this:

A blog post which describes Africans as harmful to Denmark and stickers with the words “Race mixing is genocide” cannot be characterized as illegal racism.

The founder of the right-wing Danskernes Parti, the Aarhusian Daniel Carlsen, has been cleared of accusations of racism. On Wednesday, the Western High Court chose to confirm the acquittal of the former member of the Danish Nazi movement by the Aarhus City Court.

– It is a good decision for freedom of expression, but the fact that I have been dragged around in the legal system shows that the state is trying to restrict freedom of expression, and I find that problematic, says Daniel Carlsen, chairman of the Danskernes Parti, to TV 2 | EAST JUTLAND.

Daniel Carlsen was prosecuted under section 266b, the so-called racism section, because he wrote in a blog post on TV 2’s website in 2010 that Africans on average have a lower IQ than Europeans, that it would be harmful to the country if they came to Denmark, and that they will only be able to contribute to society to a limited extent.

The High Court’s reasoning for the blog entry not being racist is that Daniel Carlsen is speaking out as part of a political debate, and that freedom of expression must therefore be “interpreted narrowly”. Therefore, the statements are not punishable, even if they “from a common point of view must appear offensive”.

Carlsen was also, together with another former member of the Nazi movement, accused of racism after putting up stickers in 2009 with the text “Danmark for Danskerne” and an image of a swastika – and other stickers also with a swastika and the text “Raceblanding er genocide”.

But because the statements do not refer to a specific race or grouping, the high court has found no basis for sentencing the two for the stickers.

So in Denmark, at least, for now, it is legal to discuss these matters. No Danish researchers have been charged for these empirical findings so far. Still, the reasons this failed in court are not that impressive, and if one was more specific, say, claimed that Africans were on average mentally retarded for genetic reasons, this might result in a fine. (Intelligence is not the sole criterion for a diagnosis of mental retardation, so a mean IQ of 70 does not imply that conclusion.)


Back in 2010, Norwegian comedian Harald Eia produced a documentary series that exposed the pseudoscience of gender studies in Norway, suitable called Hjernevask, i.e., Brain wash (you can watch it here). This was sent on national, state television too. In one of the episodes, Richard Lynn is interviewed, and he talks about his national intelligence findings, especially the low African scores and what kind of jobs they might be able to do. While this caused a big uproar about Eia, he doesn’t seem to have been charged with anything. Nor have I heard about any other case like this. He has, however, kept resolutely silent on the issue since then.

Edited to add: Denmark also illegal; Sweden: second case (verdict unknown)

I get several useful tips. First, there is a second Swedish case with a guilty verdict for talking about the intelligence of Africans. This happened in 2018 when a person was charged for talking about the low intelligence of the Somalians:

“Only one in five Somalis has an IQ above 70,” read the comment posted in the Facebook group “Stå upp för Sweden” at the end of September 2017.

According to prosecutor Paulina Brandberg, the wording constitutes “incitement against ethnic groups”. She believes that the 60-year-old man “made derogatory statements about people from Somalia with reference to national origin”, which according to the Opinion Act is punishable by up to two years in prison.

The British professor Richard Lynn and his Finnish colleague Tatu Vanhanen have previously calculated that the average IQ of the inhabitants of Somalia and its neighboring countries is around 70. In their book IQ and the wealth of nations (2002) they show that there is a strong correlation between IQ levels, which are largely innate, and the economic prosperity of different countries.

The 60-year-old man, who is charged at the Attunda district court, has neither denied nor admitted the crime.

There doesn’t seem to be any more information about this, no name that I can search for to find any verdicts.

Second, in Denmark, there was a later positive verdict against Rasmus Paludan, who said more or less the same thing. This was in 2019 where he said:

Yes, when you, like [Bwalya Sørensen] and like most blacks in South Africa, are not gifted enough to be able to see how things actually are, it is much easier to see only in black and white and, as I said, to blame to the whites.

That woman is the leader of BLM in Denmark. Paludan appealed and lost again in 2021 in the appeal’s court (Landsretten), which however decreased the punishment.