Meta-compilation of HBD related materials

Sometimes I get asked for compilations. There are some! I made this compilation of compilations in November 2020 in reply to an email. I guess I never posted it for some reason. Well, I got another email asking for this kind of thing, so this time I am definitely posting.

There are a number of such compilations of related research. I do a number of them on my blog. Some examples:
These are dated at this point, but useful for the pre-2012 or so literature.
Recent academic reviews or related
You probably saw these, but just in case:

The most extensive review paper is still Jensen and Rushton’s 2005 classic duo:

Richard Lynn’s books
Richard is a master compiler, and his books contain thousands of references to related work.

The other side

By the way, if you want to know what the critics will say, RationalWiki does have this one useful page for that purpose. This page is mostly written by the stalker guy (Oliver D. Smith) who makes pages on academics on this site, and who does email campaigns to have them fired: Noah Carl, Bo Winegard, Gerhard Meisenberg so far. His anti-HBD compilation is at:

There are also some academic review papers from opposite side:

Note that Flynn is way past his prime here, but he was for many years the only serious alternative. I think Flynn died as a hereditarian. He was well connected with major hereditarians and their recent works. He was not surprised my presentation of our admixture results from the PING study when I presented these to him at the ISIR conference in 2017. I looked over my emails with him, but I apparently did not ask him a straightforward question on the matter until he was near death. In fact, that was my last and unanswered email to him. Rest in piece James Flynn.